Monday, December 19, 2011

God, Bose and Einstein

In my ears I already hear some reader's comments objecting to the potpourri:

"Nice blog, Mikko, even though we do notice how superficial your understanding is about the subjects you are talking about. At least you know how to quote those who really are familiar with the subject.

What on earth has religion and God to do with the Bose-Einstein statistics described by those two brilliant scientists?

How you dare to mix mythology, faith based on authority of some holy book and on feeble human imagination with the most exact of sciences, Mathematics?

What has God to do in the purest Temple of Reason, mathematical science?"

Dear Madam, Sir
you who strongly disagree with my talking about God, Einstein and Bose in the same blog.

Your dislike of the mix of religious thought and exact mathematical science rises from a sad history of religious authority suppressing the search for truth by Galileo and others. You worry that such combinations, for example calling Higgs particle the God particle, is misleading to the general public and is thus not only annoying to the pure scientific mind but actually a bit dangerous.

Dear Madam, Sir, the question is not what God has to do with the brilliant theories of Bose and Einstein.

It is the opposite.

What have Bose and Einstein to do with God's works.

For, excuse my frankness, it was not Satyendra Nath Bose who made bosons.

It was not Albert Einstein who set up the relative time-space continuum.

These respected fellows got some insight in their brains of what the God of Israel has created.

With the help of Bose and Einstein, human race has achieved a little more understanding of God's deep thinking.

There is still a lot to be learned.

For God, Thy thoughts are VERY deep.

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