Monday, December 19, 2011

Viva la verite!

 Notre Dame, Paris

Instead of singing hymns of the glory of God of Israel in Notre Dame, the revolutionaries brought to the altar a beautiful woman all dressed her in white and thus worshipped Reason.
(It is said that this woman died in a mental asylum)

Indeed, French Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment is alive!

The worship of human brilliance was brought to focus during the Revolution. Down with the ancien regime! Down with the superstitions of religion and the inequalities brought by the Church of Christ and the King of France!

The people were on the move after hundreds of years of oppression and the hated symbol of Bastille fell July 14th 1789.

Head of King Louis XVI was severed by guillotine 21 January 1793 and many of those hated nobles and many scientists, too, shared his faith. Does revolution need scientists?

"Off with the Christian God and the religious stupidity so well described by Voltaire!"

(Introduce USA constitution and freedom of religion, separation of the regimes.)

(Introduce the scientific atheism of Josef Stalin and his destruction of the Moscow Cathedral. Well, instead of reason he made the proud new world and worker's paradise sing Te Deum to himself.)

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